What is involved in research productivity?

“The only thing that is Constant is Change” - Heraclitus

When we started thinking about how our "laboratory equipment supply" company helps researchers, we noticed that we help to improve research productivity when it comes to sourcing reagents and equipment. However, research productivity is affected by many factors during different research stages.

At the moment scientists start planning a research project they use different tools to search for papers, protocols, answer questions, manage bibliographies and references, searching for grants and many more. The second stage is the sourcing at this point researchers need to acquire their laboratory equipment, reagents and supplies by finding and connecting with the right supplier. Then comes the time to analyze the collected data and make sure the appropriate positive, negative controls and blanks are used and that the experiments are run as many times as needed to make their results statistically significant. At this stage, they need to use different data analysis software and they have to pay licenses and subscriptions. Least but not last, researchers have to mark their goals by having their work published at a scientific journal where they also have to pay publishing fees, pay for writing reviews, peer reviews and so on. Going to through all over these stages consumes time and money from researchers and takes away from research productivity.

At InnScience our mission is to make scientific research more productive. And we want to gather your feedback about the pains, frustrations and expectations researchers like yourself are currently facing.

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