Peru is investing in scientific research and technology

InnScience will be in Peru from June 18th to July 5th

There are many challenges to R&D in Peru. Some data from UNESCO shows that the amount invested in R&D is very low reaching almost 0.1% of GDP which accounts for almost US $ 0.4 billion. The main buyers are government research laboratories and universities which mark for about 60% of the total expenditure.

*Data source: Unesco

There are many players working on improving R&D in Peru. The government institution such as Concytec (National Council of Science and Technology) has been doing a great job to promote R&D with many programs such as Incorporacion de Investigadores (foreign researcher return) in which they estimated to spend about US $31.2 million. They also want to bring back at least one hundred researchers by 2021 to prioritize in the following sectors: agro and food industry, mining, forestry, advanced manufacturing, textile and clothing, ecotourism, curating and creative industries.

Peru has great potential and InnScience is going to be present in Peru from June 18th to July 5th. We are seeking to meet researchers from universities, government, business incubators, startups and anyone or any institution interested in R&D and entrepreneurship to find ways how we could collaborate and establish a partnership with the Canadian R&D and startup ecosystem.

Please contact us to set the appointments.

See you in Peru!