Andean Development University (Universidad para el Desarrollo Andino), Peru

Customer Case Study

In 2018, UDEA University in Peru was undertaking a study of the biodiversity of potatoes in the region and made a preliminary purchase of water bath and other equipment to this end. 

As it was a new customer, we delivered this equipment personally. During that visit, we had the opportunity to talk to the directors of the potatoes project to understand that the project objective was to characterize different varieties of potatoes not only by their phenotype but also its genotype. 

At the request of the customer, we completed an inventory of their existing equipment. In their lab, we found equipment that made some of their planned purchases unnecessary. We also identified damaged and defective equipment which needed to be replaced.

After the visit, we contacted the manufactures of required equipment to prepare a quote for our customer.

With this information, our customer was able to prioritize the equipment purchase for the first stage of the project and prepare an accurate budget for subsequent stages.

As such we were able to meet their budget and supply them with the equipment they actually needed to complete the first stage of their research successfully.

 We were honoured to participate in the celebration of the completion of the first stage of their project at the university campus.


  • Water bath, other equipment

  • Thermal cycler, electrophoresis apparatus, gel analyzer, incubator, centrifuge

Not Purchased:

  • Bioreactor, Hyperspectral imaging system.


  • They obtained the equipment needed for the first stage of their research while meeting their budget constraints.

  • They were able to prepare an accurate budget for the next stage of their project