Sourcing Scientific Equipment.

Analysis of pains...

Talking with customers we have identified some constraints when it comes to sourcing scientific equipment in emerging countries.

Customer Pains

Speaking with the customers we have identified some dissatisfaction with their current suppliers.

Devices arrive damaged or defective

Expensive equipment sometimes arrives damaged or defective because it was not tested prior to final delivery.

Unexpected Delays to delivery

Many suppliers fail to keep customers informed about delivery progress.

Frustrated dealing with multiple suppliers

Most suppliers will only offer their preferred brands which usually don’t cover all our customers’ requirements. Often, the only way around this is working with multiple suppliers which is complicated and time-consuming.

Difficulty balancing performance and budget

Typically working with a fixed budget, our customers have demanding and specialized requirements. Our customers are busy and need support and advice in purchasing in a complex market in order to avoid purchase error.

Insufficient post-sales support

After the equipment is delivered, our customers often have difficulty reaching their suppliers for post-sales support. Interruptions in equipment performance represent lost money and missed deadlines.

Customer Value Benefits

Unlike our competitors, InnScience is committed to providing:

Routine equipment testing

We will test your equipment prior to delivery except in cases where to do so would adversely affect the equipment.

Robust delivery tracking

We will keep you informed of the location of your package until it arrives in your lab.

Support for optimum equipment selection

Our sales agents are supported by a smart platform to secure the most appropriate high-quality and affordable equipment according to our customer’s budget.

Ongoing support. Quick personalized response

We support and maintain our customer’s equipment to minimize the risk of delay to their research.

We work for you, not the manufacturer.

We have established relationships with many manufacturers however we will recommend the best product for your specific needs and ensure a safe delivery.