Control of fines in the grinding stage for silver

Mining challenge in Peru

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Organized by: Hub de Innovación Minera del Perú

Problem description:

a. Objective to reduce the loss of silver values. A 50% decrease is expected.

b. More than 50% of silver values are between the 400 and -635 mesh. See the table with the granulometric detail:

c. Although it is true that in the flotation stage it is possible to recover a large part of the values in the different fractions, there is still a loss in the tailings, so chemical (reagents) or physicochemical alternatives are sought to reduce the generation of fines and to apply in the stage previous of grinding,

d. Solution development level: can be any of the following

Prototype/proof of concept to be carried out (idea level)
Prototype/proof of concept to be validated in the field (pilot level)
Solution in the market e. Valuable items
Experience and knowledge of mineralogy
No negative environmental impact
Low cost and fast implementation, always taking cost/benefit as an element of analysis 

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